Server list

An overview of the servers and their names

If you can read this the servers are up and running. The following games are available at the moment.

Armagetronad - Einherjer Europe []
Armagetronad is the ultimate lightcycle game. The server supports up to 16 players and uses default rulesettings plus "Breakfast in Hell".

The Battle for Wesnoth
The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Up to nine players can fight for glory on dozens of battlefields. hosts an alternative multiplayer server that will always run the latest Debian stable version of Wesnoth. Enjoy!

Freeciv is an empire-building strategy game. You can join this server by installing one of Freeciv's clients, GTK (recommended), SDL or Qt and choose to play a network game. There is also a meta server with a list of all available online servers.

Minetest, Yggdrasil PvE server
Yggdrasil is a public server intended for playing against the environment and not against other people. The focus is on building and shaping the world and to interact with other players. Please respect their work.
  • Maximum number of players: 16
  • Server admin: apo
  • Default privileges: shout, interact, home
  • No password required
  • PvP is disabled
  • Getting damage is possible
  • Daily backups
  • Additional mods: See Minetest server list for more information
  • The complete backup of the old Yggdrasil server (November 2014 - June 2017) is still available.

Monopd & GtkAtlantic -
Play GtkAtlantic, a Monopoly-like board game, over the internet. Just point Gtkatlantic to host: and port: 1234

Nexuiz Classic - Einherjer Europe []
Nexuiz Classic is a high quality first-person shooter. This server runs on the default port and the default game type is capture the flag. Up to 16 players are able to join the server.

OpenArena - Einherjer Europe []
The default gametype is Deathmatch. The mapcycle includes 60 maps in total so you will rarely play the same map sequence twice.
On the 15th of every month is InstaGib day. On the first Sunday of every month you can try out an unusual but fun setup: Ketchup Vampire.
You can monitor the status in realtime at

Download: OpenArena server configuration.

PokerTH - Casino Mondial []
Dedicated PokerTH game server - free for all. Just point your client to the address above.

Red Eclipse - Einherjer Europe []
A total conversion of the Cube Engine 2. The server is intended for public use and has a maximum of 16 slots.
You can also play all Sauerbraten maps and monitor the games at Have fun.

Download: Red Eclipse server configuration

Sauerbraten - Einherjer Europe []
FPS shooter Cube 2: Sauerbraten "Collect Edition" with 16 slots. The server is intended for public use. Master is first come, first served. Please be responsible.
Connect via CSL || Add to favourites

Teeworlds - Einherjer Europe []
The Teeworlds Public Server with 16 slots. You can choose your gametype and map simply by voting for it.

Download: Teeworlds server configuration


Tetrinet at
Play Tetris simultaneously with up to 6 players online. Point your favourite game client to