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Fri, 28 Mar 2014

Monopd & GtkAtlantic

A while ago I became the new maintainer / uploader of Monopd and GtkAtlantic for Debian. Monopd had been orphaned for a long time and GtkAtlantic had not seen an update in a couple of years either. Since Monopd required libcapsinetwork and libmath++ for compilation, I decided to adopt them too and in no time at all I was the maintainer of four new packages. It seemed only natural that I backported the latest Monopd version to Wheezy and installed it on this server. Yes, you can play GtkAtlantic with other people on this server now. Just point your GtkAtlantic client to and port 1234.

One of my first steps as the new maintainer of GtkAtlantic was to contact its original developer, Sylvain Rochet, on It's pretty cool that there is still a homepage after more than twelve years but it's even more remarkable that Sylvain updated the whole client to GTK3, fixed a couple of bugs and included the Debian patches. And then he also updated the monopd server which nowadays supports IPv6 and even systemd!

After all now I am quite confident that GtkAtlantic and Monopd will be actively supported in Debian and Ubuntu for further years to come. And now enjoy!

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