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Wed, 20 Jun 2012

An OpenArena experiment: InstaGib Day und Ketchup Vampire

I've played with the server configuration and decided to try out OpenArena's InstaGib and Vampire feature. For the next weeks ahead i will switch to g_instantgib 2 which basically means that only railgun and gauntlet are the allowed weapons. One hit with the railgun will lead to a sudden and gruesome virtual death. Wednesday is InstaGib Day, folks!

Another interesting setup is nicknamed "Ketchup Vampire". It combines the vampire feature, where players gain a little percentage of the inflicted damage to an enemy as health points, with the g_catchup variable. The better a player and the greater the gap between his frag count and his opponent's one, the more difficult it becomes to kill the latter. Combine that with an elimination environment where every player starts with all weapons and where you can't pick up new items and you get "Ketchup Vampire".

You can find the original idea and a good explanation here. Ketchup Vampire will be introduced on next sunday. The mapcycle will also be adjusted to this unusual setup. At the moment i experiment with

  • oa_shine
  • dm4ish
  • am_galmevish2
  • suspended
  • oa_shouse
  • am_spacecont

I will also raise the fraglimit to 50 frags.

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