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Sat, 26 May 2012

OpenArena: Fast Download

How do you know something is wrong with your openarena server? The number of players who have joined the server has obviously declined in the last week. I didn't believe in a coincidence and assumed the latest upgrade to 0.8.8 was the culprit thus a lot of players can't join the (pure) server anymore.

It came as a little surprise that a lot of players still play with 0.8.5 but..on the other side 0.8.8 has been released just three months ago. The best way to counter this problem would be to upgrade the client to 0.8.8 but as hardly anybody will ever read this, i have decided to set up a ftp server which serves the necessary files. Maybe in the future i will use the fast download mechanism to make some custom maps available.

In fact now the download is much faster than the conventional old quake3-style way but if this is still not fast enough, please visit and grab the latest release or use your favourite package manager to download Openarena 0.8.8.

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