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Wed, 25 Jul 2012

News in July: OpenArena, Bugs and ToDo

Here are some news what has happened in the past weeks and what will happen in the future.


I've discovered two different bugs, #664637 and #681812, which are related to the OpenArena server in Debian.
Nowadays the first one does only occur very rarely if bots play on the server, the second one is 100% reproducible if you start a callvote from the ingame console. That's the reason why i had to disable this feature. At the moment i'm gathering more information, backtraces from gdb and core files and i will go on to report them to Debian's BTS.

Ketchup Vampire and InstaGib Day

I think InstaGib Day is a success. I like it and it seems some other players enjoy it too. Ketchup Vampire is also fun but maybe it is too special to justify a weekly appearance. For now i've decided that Ketchup Vampire is only playable on the 1. day Sunday of every month. If you think different, here is your chance to intervene.

Disabling the comment function after one month

To fight against spam i've also decided to disable the comment function of a published weblog article as soon as 30 days have passed. I think that's a reasonable amount of time to comment on a news post and after 30 days you can't call it even news, can you? :) Of course you still can reach me via e-mail. Check out the contact page.

What's next?

The next step is to write a short summary how you can install and play all the games and to point you to the right ressources. Then i have to improve the page layout and to include more fancy stuff.

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