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Sun, 20 May 2012

OpenArena: New mapcycle

Here is the reasoning behind the new mapcycle. It is quite large and contains 25 maps. Some of them are duplicates. The old one wasn't bad, but i figured out it's more entertaining when you join the server and have a good chance to play a favourite map. So what's a popular map? Agressor, oa_dm5 or dm4ish seem to be pretty hip. Mix them with some medium maps like oa_shine or an arena-style map like am_galmevish2 and add once in a while a big or less popular (but still awesome) map like wrackdm17 and you have all your ingredients for a big but varying mapcycle.

I have also added pxlfan and czest1dm. If you would like to see other ones, you can leave a comment or contact me.

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