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Fri, 25 Oct 2013

OpenArena: Config changes for videoflags, pmove_float and g_laglightning

Yesterday I received an e-mail. A player requested changes to OpenArena's server configuration. I am still a bit sceptical but for the sake of new adventures, I have decided to make this happen.

New values

  • g_laglightning 0
  • videoflags 0
  • pmove_float 0

In short that means the lightning gun will do slightly more damage, the gravity feels more like in Quake3 and you can tweak your graphic settings to the insane level.

More experienced players will probably rejoice because it allows them to change various options such as the field of view, gamma, intensity and overbrightbits or vertex lightning.

If it turns out that those settings are not desired by the majority of players, it is possible that I revert them. Feedback is welcome!

Please refer to the OpenArena wiki for more information.

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