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Wed, 12 Jun 2013

Website relaunch: darkstrapped

Finally i have relaunched the website and replaced the old xhtml theme with a modern Bootstrap / Darkstrap appearance. There is nothing special about it besides the fact that the new web presence should be better presentable on smartphones and other non-pc devices.

I have also replaced the old excellent blog compiler, Chronicle, with Pyblosxom. Again my reason to replace chronicle was triggered out of curiosity and not because I thought Pyblosxom would make a huge difference. The news are still statically rendered. However Pyblosxom is written in Python and has a nice plugin framework and it is well documented. It has come a long way since its initial release more than 10 years ago and i believe it should be preserved for other years to come. Hence i have decided to step up as the new Debian maintainer for Pyblosxom.

The server itself has been running constantly for more than 310 days now. I am very pleased with its performance. Let's hope that it remains this way.

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